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It is an electronic diary designed and created  for people with epilepsy and in particular for the rare and complex form of "Dravet Syndrome".

It can be accessed through the reserved area of this site, or by downloading the application on the AppStore and on the Google Store.

Dravet Diary has the purpose of carefully documenting the seizures, the state of health and the therapy in progress and to prepare such information that can be easily sent to its specialists who can thus be updated on the progress of the disease.

An effective tool, dedicated to families involved in assisting their children, teens and adults, to try to improve the management of the disease as a whole and at the same time provide doctors with accurate and updated data.


With the same account you can log in from multiple devices, so you can update information quickly and easily!


It allows you to keep under control all the management of the most important factors, such as the various variables directly related to the disease, in addition to drugs and seizures

and the possible side effects, the additional risk of other existing pathologies and possibly the videos of the seizures.


Dravet Diary has extended its use to daily life, with the possibility of using the application to record medical examinations, the archive of reports and various activities, as well as uploading pdf files of relevance to the patient.


It also has an "Emergency" section with the emergency protocol, contacts and the ability to make any call directly from the app.



The Dravet Italia ONLUS was born with the intent to act actively to improve the quality of life of children suffering from this severe form of epilepsy: Dravet syndrome.

Experienced doctors and parents come together with this goal.

This vital collaboration has already given birth to experiences in the international arena that have contributed to many advances in the understanding and treatment of the syndrome.

Our aim is to support research, so that hopes come true.
To help us, support our initiatives.

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